Hi I Need Help With Essay On 3 Page Term Paper Paper Must Be At Least 750 Words

Hi, I need help with essay on 3 Page Term Paper. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The issue of race and gender cuts through class lines. The statement implies that race, gender and class have a degree of relationship. Women are denied chances to advance as their male counterparts. This leaves them stuck in discrimination. Moreover, black men may be highly paid but face oppression and discrimination at work or in a professional environment. The black men may be subject to racial statements and in the extreme scenarios denied any opportunity to improve their current situation. The conditions of race and gender discrimination exist regardless of the social class that an individual is in. The situation is worse for people of color who face racial and class discrimination simultaneously. Worse still are the women of color who must beat all the three inequalities in the society.

Experiences of minorities under racial prejudice are differentiated by class and gender. This implies that the discrimination towards a person does not solely depend on the race, but on the other two factors, that is gender and class. If a black woman has a higher class, the prejudice leveled against her would be less as compared to a woman of the same race but without wealth. It thus follows that class, race and gender inequality have both direct and weak links. The inequalities are sustained by a vicious cycle of income distribution. As Mantsios (2009, p. 189) puts it, individuals with high income take their children through good schools to secure good jobs. the cycle repeats itself, resulting into class, race and gender inequality, since male children are better educated than their female counterparts in most cases.

Another similarity is that all the inequalities involve a deprivation of a right. In class inequality, persons regarded as inferiors (coloured people and women) experience a few chances of advancing in life. This is due to deliberate closure of opportunity gaps. In gender inequality, women from all races face

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