Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic Investment Analysis And Portfo

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Investment analysis and portfolio management.

The risks attributed to the investment done in both the Wall Street and Dubai Financial Market depends on a number of factors, which include overall volatility of the financial market. In these cases, the selling price of shares across various sectors appears to be stable due to the big number of big investment companies such as Google and Amazon among others that have heavily invested. This aspect stabilizes the market pricing and thus reduces the risks involved. In addition, the portfolios invested in are not risky and this leaves a leeway of accepting to take the risks that may occur.

The investment of 1,500,000AUD in diverse sectors in both the Wall Street and Dubai Financial Market is substantive and the fact that tow different markets are invested in, it implies that, the risk is diversified. In essence, risk diversification is a critical component of that an investor considers before investing in a financial market. In this case, the investor is well prepared to face a situation where a risk would occur in one Investment Company, whereas the other one makes profits. This explains the essence of risk diversification. With this implication, then the investor’s ability to take risk qualifies to be average. However, the investments on the stock type F reduce the investor’s ability to take the risk. Considering the selling price of $ 15.71 on Monday, February 02, 2015 and $16.13 on Sunday February 15, 2015 respectively, we can conclude that, the this type of stock did not sell at a reasonable profit margin, when comparing g it with GOOG or AMZN, which was sold at $ 493. 72 and $ 293.95 on Monday, January 12, 2015 respectively. The point of focus attributed to the profit margin is on the number of shares invested in the profitable stocks. In the case of the non-profitable stock F in Wall Street, the number of shares traded is 1500, whereas the number of the shares

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