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During prosecution, various prosecutors have used their influence to acquit the white offenders, while taking stern action on their black counterparts. In her radio talk show, Margot Adler interviews various law experts and enforcers, while focusing on the loopholes in the judicial system’s treatment of black and white offenders (Justice talking, 2007). In the talk show, it is evident that most prosecutors have wrongly indicted black youths, leading to demonstrations.

The law enforcers have had a misconception that associates the black communities with crime. They argue that the black minorities are the biggest culprits when it comes to criminal activities in most societies, ant they thereby treat them with the mentality that they are criminals. In my view, judicial should not use race as the predetermining factor when prosecuting criminals, since both blacks and whites involve in crime. The prosecutors have used their power to accuse innocent black youths, an act that has made the civil and other activists raise eyebrows, in a bid to force the policymakers to intervene (Justice talking, 2007).

The interview indicates that many prosecutors have gone unpunished for the unconstitutional crimes they perpetrated to innocent black youths because of racial discrimination. As a result, the interviewee argues that several cases against the corrupt are pending, concerning powerful prosecutors that the judiciary needs to investigate, and thereby take legal action against them. I strongly agree to this suggestion, since it will reduce cases of unconstitutional arrests and incarcerations of black youths.

In the talk show, it is evident that black students experience racial discrimination right from the school settings (Justice talking, 2007). This results from the fact that some schools have incorporated less skilled teachers in the schools. The said teachers do not have the training necessary in dealing with students from various backgrounds. As a

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