Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic The Economic Booming And Devel

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic The Economic Booming and Development in Shanghai.

The research focuses on different attributes of the Expo that have influenced a sustainable development to the city’s infrastructure, economic and environment. The city has seen visible improvement in its living quality, infrastructure, transportation, industrial ventures and many more aspects of life. The results show that the World Expo 2010 has boosted the city’s economy and branding image, by accelerating its growth to a greater level in the international market.

From this paper it is clear that the World Expo conducted in 2010 has changed the life in Shanghai city to far better than ever. Given the theme, ‘Better City, Better Life’, the Expo has truly renovated the Shanghai city by contributing to it successful economic development, infrastructure buildings and the mass makeover. A decade of actions plans and preparations for the Expo has overturned the city, and now the changes are visible both inside and out. Apart from the major facelift that Shanghai have undergone in these years, the event has brought the attention of the entire world to the city, paving way for a better exposure and globalization. This has indeed brought an economic booming, which is obvious from its rapid growth and development in the aftermath years of the Expo. Moreover, the international recognition gained as a part and parcel of the event has accelerated the employment and business opportunities of the city. We shall discuss in detail how the World Expo planning has influenced the transformation of the city and its development by focusing on various influential factors.&nbsp.

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