Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic The Invention Of Electricity C

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic The Invention of Electricity Changed the Way People Live Their Lives.

It was not until 1792 when a thunderstorm struck Benjamin Franklins home, and he decided to make an experiment by flying the kite through the thunderstorm with an attached iron key. The kite was struck by lightning, and electric current were sent down to Benjamin’s hand. He was&nbsp.quite&nbsp.lucky to survive, and he stated that electricity existed in the thunderstorm but the question was how to tap and utilise the electricity for the benefit of humanity.

Before the invention of electricity, people had difficulties in performing the several task in life, there was too much utilization of man energy in different sectors. However, the invention of electricity changed the lives of human beings in thousand ways. It can be stated that electricity led to industrial revolution in which several products were being produced in large numbers. It led to a change in the entertainment sectors, food sector health sector and communication sector among others. It is imperative to note that the invention of electricity resulted in a significant improvements of how human beings live in the today’s world. Before the invention of electricity, the period was being described as the era of the dark ages because people relied only on sunlight to perform their daily activities and at night, they were unable to perform duties&nbsp.because of the darkness.

The invention of light electricity has led to the robust influence of how people carry out their lives in the current period. Thomas Edison who was an American inventor as well as a businessperson is thought to be the first person who invented light bulb that was using direct current electricity. The light bulb that was invented had a great influence on how people were carrying business all over the world. Moreover, it led to the inventions of other devices such as televisions and phonographs that were being used as the means of communication (Freeberg,

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