Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Paper On The Topic Analysis Of The Novel Disgrace

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Analysis of the Novel Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee. In the novel ‘Disgrace’ (1999), Coetzee uses the novel’s protagonist who is named David Lurie to discover the consequences that social and political change has in generating the base of individuality in a person. Through the protagonist David Lurie, the writer brings out the negative impacts the ethnic and sexually biased political and social programs have upon both the advantaged and disadvantaged people exposed to the system. This impact is revealed in David Lurie through the way he constructed his original personality, and when his personality becomes completely weakened as a result of the social and political transformation. According to Stratton, ‘the primary determinate for David’s identity is his sexuality’ (Stratton 83). David Lurie’s sexuality is clearly shown in the first chapters of the novel. on Tuesday afternoon David paid a visit to Soraya, the prostitute and he said, “solve the problem of sex quite well” (1). It is also seen when he took advantage of his student, Melanie Isaac, he “wakes…in a state of profound wellbeing, which does not go away” (20). Lucy portrays that society values men more than women and through this power over women they sexually abuse the women. Though the value David depicts is out-of-date even as the novel was set in a post-feminist time, that is 1999, it has remained part of David’s identity. This value has been seen to create problems in his life and the life of women he meets. The social value displays him as a servant of Eros who diminishes women. he takes women as a tool to quench his desires. The social value he carries was a great sign of ‘disgrace’ after the court hearing and is seen in his relationship with his daughter and divorced wife, not one but two. David Lurie’s incapability to keep fruitful relations with women in his life is a further impact of the male-controlled values that he personifies. It is evident in the novel that David had married and divorced twice, and his incapability to sustain a marriage is stressed by the narration. the old tone has entered, the tone of the last years of their married life: passionate recrimination.

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