I Will Pay For The Following Essay Project Management Of The Scottich Parliment

I will pay for the following essay Project Management of The Scottich Parliment. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The project manager is the person who looks after the project from its inception till the end, which is the successful execution and commissioning of the project. Both project managing and project life are used to finish the work efficiently, but the difference is that project managing is to manage work through proper planning, controlling, coordinating, monitoring, and closing. Project lifecycle is to complete the project according to the requirement of the organization’s project schedule, drawings and plans. Projects need to be completed on time and on budgeted costs and estimates. otherwise cost overruns and delays may cause a breach in the relations between the parties, for which even legal measures may become necessary to solve the issues.

Prince2 is a management technique that can add more value to the management system. It is a technique that can be used for all the projects and this technique can lead to the completion of a project within the stipulated time and quality. It is the most modern management concept to complete a project. This system includes careful analysis of the problem and preparation of a plan according to the project, using proper management methodology.

The project involves all aspects of management from planning to coordination to effective communication. The system of Prince2 of management helps in completion of projects faster with proper methodology. The Prince 2 method of management can be used in the daily completion of projects and can be used in our daily life. Specific project reviews can be created using the system of Prince2 method of management for more evaluation of the project. Prince2 system of management helps the organization in achieving its goals faster and more effectively.

In simple words, PRINCE means Project IN Controlled Environment. PRINCE 2 is one of the process based methods to complete the project in the stipulated time.

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