Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Core Competency Questions The M

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Core competency questions.

The most challenging experience concerned my friend, who thought that his sexual orientation is not normal. This challenge was solved through giving him appropriate counseling, and making him understand that millions of homosexuals are happy with their sexual orientation.

Perseverance is important because it ensures awareness on a national problem is adequately created. For example, fundraising awareness and project for the organizations taking care of children with disabilities. The fundraising campaign was a success due to the folk music group which raised money through performances in charity events. The fundraising awareness was a success due to proper management of the campaign. My leadership practices entailed leading my group members through examples, by working hard in meeting the campaign targets. The idea of raising money through folk song performances was most effective for the campaign, because my family members always sung folk songs at home. The most challenging part of the fundraising campaign entailed keeping the folk dance group focused during rehearsals. This challenge was overcome through motivating the group members by reminding them of our ultimate aim of providing finances to the disabled children.

A challenging situation occurred when a college had an accident at the workplace. The situation was difficult because she fell down the stairs and hurt her knee. I responded to this situation by immediately making her comfortable, and then taking her to the health facility. The reaction was effective because, the patient got medical attention in time. The most important consideration during the accident was proper emergency planning. This involved conducting first aid to monitor seriousness of the accident and the timely arrangement of transport to the hospital. The challenging experience during the accident is that I was tired already from the day’s work. I overcome this

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